CTC to showcase technology solutions at Sea Air Space Exposition

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CTC to showcase technology solutions at Sea Air Space Exposition

Concurrent Technologies Corporation will be exhibiting in booth 653 at the upcoming Sea-Air-Space Exposition in National Harbor, Md.

Being held April 16-18, the expo brings together the U.S. industrial base, private-sector U.S. companies and key military decision makers for an annual innovative, educational, maritime based event. The expo, hosted by the Navy League, is the largest maritime exposition in the U.S and attracts over 12,000 attendees from military, government, Congress, foreign embassies and defense industry companies.

“CTC will showcase innovative technologies that have helped our clients reduce the total ownership costs of Naval platforms – enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic shipbuilding industry,” said Paul Essig, senior program director.

“At our booth, CTC employees will give presentations focused on our mission to solve our clients’ toughest challenges. Our number one priority is delivering the right solutions to our clients, and the projects that will be presented can benefit the maritime industry as well as other industries, governmental agencies and military branches.”

In 2004, Clarion University Foundation, Inc., a non-profit affiliate of Clarion University in Clarion County, developed a $30 million upscale student community, Reinhard Villages – named for Diane Reinhard, Clarion University’s 14th president.

The foundation is now working to secure the final portion of funding for the design and construction of a new student housing project that will replace the university’s outdated Nair and Wilkinson traditional residence halls with two new apartment buildings located along both sides of East Main Street in Clarion Borough.

The top three floors of each building will be “suite-style” residences for students, with the first floor reserved for university related retail functions. The total cost of the project is estimated at $61 million and will be paid by resident fees of students who will live there.

Edinboro University in Erie County built the first two buildings of its $60 million upscale student suites called The Highlands in 2009, and opened the last phase in the fall of 2012.

In 2007, Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana County opened the first two upscale
student buildings as part of its $250 million project that converted all 3,900 beds on campus from traditional residence halls to suite-style apartments.

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